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Neutral Density No. 96 Filters
Used to reduce the intensity of light by a definite ratio, without affecting the tonal rendition of colors. Neutrality is good for the visible spectrum only.

Neutrality is good for the visible spectrum region only (400 to 700 nm); we do not control neutrality in the ultraviolet or infrared regions.  KODAK WRATTEN Filter No. 96 permits the reduction of light intensity by a definite ratio, and for this reason, has many uses in general and scientific photography.  The gelatin dispersion limits the filter environment to a maximum of 120 to 130 degrees F.  Exceed these temperatures only for short periods.

For many applications, you may base the choice of size solely on the dimensions of the available filter holder or the diameter of a lens to be fitted.  For critical applications, however, note the following points.  First, the manufacturing tolerance of a No. 96 Filter in 75 mm squares is +/- 10% of the nominal diffuse density (as defined by American National Standards Institute Standard PH2.19-1976).  Second, you may encounter optical factors in your equipment, such as light scattering and interreflections, that cause the effective density of a given filter to vary from its measured density.

Variations in density attributed to optical systems can be on the order of 3%.  For the above reasons, we strongly recommend that when doing critical work you calibrate your neutral density filters by direct measurement under actual conditions of use.

Filter No.          Description/Use
0.10                  80.0% transmission
0.20                  63.0% transmission
0.30                  50.0% transmission
0.40                  40.0% transmission
0.50                  32.0% transmission
0.60                  25.0% transmission
0.70                  20.0% transmission
0.80                  16.0% transmission
0.90                  13.0% transmission
1.00                  10.0% transmission
2.00                  1.0% transmission
3.00                  0.10% transmission
4.00                  0.010% transmission

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